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Ship your spot with confidence. Every time.

Today calls for agile alternatives to a traditional live-action production. Found footage offers stunning creative range, relevance and scalability.

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Creative so compelling,
it earns its way into culture.

The internet is your greatest creative asset. With so many content options out there, you have more ways than ever to create a stunning, elevated production. Find stunning footage from across the open web and license in Catch&Release to execute your vision on brief, on brand and on budget.

"We always thought shooting live was the only way you could get an elevated piece of production. Now, we can have an idea spelled out in a brief, and then use a trusted partner like Catch&release to find the shots that makes that story come to life."

ECD at Hawthorne Advertising

"Catch&Release never dropped the ball and facilitated the extra research required for the global nature of this project to make sure we were cleared for take off on this content. I would absolutely use Catch&Release as a resource on future projects."

Senior Producer at ARC

"We are constantly in prototyping mode, so we use Catch&Release to help find content to help us imagine what the concept will look like on screen."

Creative Lead and Founder at SpecialGuest

"With Catch&Release, we were able to source content that matched a hyper-specific criteria, license it, and then quickly expand our rights to the most high-exposure platform there is: a Super Bowl Pre Game."

Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Red Lobster

"When it comes to footage curation and licensing, Catch&Release is the platinum standard. Their artistic approach is complemented by robust licensing expertise, and powered by technology."

VP Integrated Producer at Townhouse

"We considered doing an original production, but felt the authenticity would be lost. Catch&Release provided exactly the type of footage we were looking for. They answered our creative needs expertly, and the process of viewing it on their platform was extremely streamlined, organized and easy."

Producer at OKRP


Remote production made easy using Found footage.

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