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The first curation and licensing tool for content on the open web. Designed specifically for the commercial production industry.

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Stock libraries are finite. Your ideas aren't.

Catch&Release enables creative teams to break free from the limits of a stock library or the complexities of a live-action shoot. Our mission is to open up rivers of content - beyond the typical static library - so no matter where you find the shot, you can actually use it in the final edit.


The world’s leading brands are pushing creative boundaries using Found Footage.

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With Catch&Release, we were able to source content that matched a hyper-specific criteria, license it, and then quickly expand our right to the most high-exposure platform there is: a Super Bowl Pre Game.

Deanna Kotch

Senior Director of Brand Marketing

We are constantly in prototyping mode, so we use Catch&Release to help find content to help us imagine what the concept will look like on the screen.

Aaron Duffy

Creative Lead and Founder

We consider Catch&Release critical to our creative process. They are a conduit for us getting the footage and content to tell our clients' stories.

Alex Gianni

Executive Producer

The magic of Catch&Release is that they’ve systematized the finding and licensing of found footage. Your strike rate on getting a licensable asset is much higher than doing it yourself.

Eric Weisberg

Global Chief Creative Officer