Catch & Release Launches First Look

Catch&Release Launches First Look, Curated Collections of Original, Ready to License Content for Timely Advertising Campaigns

September 1, 2020

First Look collections enable advertisers to license hand-selected visual content to concept and deliver high quality ads faster, on brief, and on budget.

San Francisco, CA -- September 1, 2020 -- Catch&Release, an industry-first creative technology platform that enables advertisers to license visual content from the open web, announced today the launch of Catch&Release First Look, finely-curated collections of stunning, original images and videos based on timely advertising moments, trends, and evergreen topics.

“First Look provides immediate access to visual content to kickstart the creative process, and ultimately eliminate the stress of overnight deliverables or other urgent deadlines,” said Analisa Goodin, Founder and CEO of Catch&Release. “With First Look, advertisers and creative professionals have a unique source of commercially-viable imagery they can tap into at any time.”

Catch&Release’s dedicated team of curators use the company’s proprietary Catch Extension and Licensability Assessment to find quality content with a high-likelihood of licensability. First Look is a collection made up of seasonal topics or pivotal moments such as back to school or the Black Lives Matter movement; as well as content with diversity in ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds. The goal of providing these collections of images and videos is to capture the breadth, depth, nuanced, and real-time nature of the content that is available on the Internet, in an organized way. The consistent thread among First Look is the gravitation towards strong aesthetic compositions required for high-exposure, high-impact commercial campaigns.

Made up of multilingual filmmakers, fine artists, editors and musicians located around the world, each Catch&Release curator brings a unique point of view, bolstered by varied subject matter expertise from reportage and subculture movements, to pro sports and pop culture to unearth hidden treasures on the Internet. 

“For the first time, commercial producers have an agile solution that reduces creative compromise and maximizes results for their clients,” said Liz Mandeville, Director of Curation at Catch&Release. “The sheer range of found footage from Catch&Release means it can match or exceed the quality that is expected of a commercial shoot, giving advertisers more creative options than ever before.”

With First Look, advertisers can leverage content that is both aligned with the creative brief and commercially viable, and can discover licensable imagery featuring compelling life moments, emotive testimonials, and infinite vignettes of relevant subject matter, all within a few days.

Preferred Members have exclusive access to Catch&Release First Look to browse, select and license any piece of content within the collections immediately. To request access, please contact

View recent campaigns built from the Catch&Release platform, from brands such as Got Milk?Facebook, VW, Kleenex and Gillette.  For more information about Catch&Release go to


About Catch&Release

Catch&Release is a creative technology company that empowers brands and agencies to ship high-impact, award-winning campaigns with increased speed and agility. The company’s industry-first licensing platform enables advertisers to discover, curate and license visual content from the open web, in a collaborative workspace. The world’s leading creative agencies and production companies use Catch&Release to maximize creative output while optimizing for time and budget. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit or @catchandrelease.


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