How a couple's lives were changed with just seconds of their story

How a couple’s lives were changed with just seconds of their story

October 23, 2019

Real stories from real people. You can’t get more authentic than that. 

It’s no surprise that we as consumers are better able to relate to brands when we see ourselves (or people and experiences we can relate to) on screen, rather than actors in staged productions. Advertisers know this, and have started tapping the internet to find and license content to tell more authentic stories and to better connect with their consumers. 

Nivea’s “Rethink Soft” commercial comes to mind as a paradigm example of the power of honest, heartfelt moments, captured by real people for real advertising.

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But the results of leveraging real footage from the internet go beyond the profit or press coverage brands and agencies may earn from using this authentic creative medium. Remember the bride and groom dancing at their wedding in the Nivea spot? Well there’s more to their story...

As Cinthia and Hugo were nearing their wedding date, Hugo shared that he wished he could experience the wedding like everyone else: standing up on his own two feet — not from his wheelchair. 

On the day of their wedding, this dream came to a reality with the help of Hugo’s brother and father, who strapped their legs to Hugos' and stood him up, allowing him and his new wife to have their first dance. Little did they know that the video of this special moment (1:23) captured by a close friend would go viral, getting tens of millions of views — or that it would catch the eye of a Catch&Release curator, who was sourcing user-generated content for a Nivea ad that would feature real moments of kindness, showcasing “the power of touch.”

When Catch&Release first contacted Cinthia about licensing this shot to appear in a commercial, she was honored and thrilled. At first, she was excited simply because, as a makeup artist, she was an avid user of Nivea products and couldn’t believe she would appear in one of the brand’s ads (talk about brand loyalty!). But when she discovered she would also receive payment for licensing the video, she was over the moon at the thought of making one of her biggest dreams come true: starting a family.

For Hugo and Cinthia to be able to start a family, they would need IVF — but it’s an expensive process that they weren’t sure they would be able to afford. However, with the money they received, they will now be able to start IVF treatments and make another one of their wishes come true! 

Cinthia summed it up best: “Our lives were changed with just seconds of our story.” 


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