June Feature Release

June 15, 2020

Here’s a look at what’s new and what's coming soon on Catch&Release! 

New releases, currently live:

Shot Filtering
You now have expanded filtering options, such as:

  • If the shot is an image or video
  • If the shot has been downloaded by a team member
  • If the shot has the master file attached 

Shot Filtering

Batch Tagging
Now, you can add new and existing tags to multiple shots at once.

Batch Tagging


Coming Soon:
Set Your Budget

You will soon be able to set your licensing budget, making it easier to keep track of curation, clearance and licensing spend in real-time. 

Set Your Budget

View in a List
You will soon be able to view shots in a list or 'spreadsheet' - eliminating the hassle of manual ones.

View in a List

Set Roles & Permissions
Back by popular demand, you will soon be able to assign specific permissions to team members. 

Project Admins can:

  1. Request clearances
  2. Purchase licenses
  3. See the Licenses Printout page
  4. Manage team member roles within a project

Project Members can:

  1. Add and organize shots
  2. Collaborate with people in the project
  3. Resend project invitations

Set Roles & Permissions

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