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May 6, 2021

If you touch the production process at all you know how stressful, time-consuming, overwhelming and often disappointing it can be to search for the perfect visual. This challenge often forces your team’s hand to turn to stock or increase your budget to accommodate original production. With timelines only getting tighter these days and the amount of content to sift through continuing to expand, the feeling that you are settling to meet deadlines is pervasive in our creative community.

240 million active social media users in the US alone, over 70% of our population. (Hootsuite 2021 digital trends)

As a Catch&Release user, you have always been able to harness the power of the web through our Catch Extension, and now with Discover, you’ll be able to easily search existing content from the web.  Unlike a stock library, our visuals are directly from the internet so you don’t sacrifice speed for authenticity.  However, unlike the open web, Discover features galleries that have been built by our expert curation team, as well as filters that allow you to save time and get results you are interested in immediately.  

Save time without losing authenticity 

Filter by licensability score (which identifies how easily a license can be secured for any given image), the format needed, source, or type of visual to quickly get to the shot you’re looking for.  

Use Discover throughout the creative process. From finding continued inspiration within our galleries and adding them to Boards in-between projects, to quickly licensing content to meet a fast-approaching deadline, the Catch&Release Discover feature is your go-to source for exploring the open web easily and quickly.

Begin your Discover journey now! 

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