[Press Release] Catch&Release Launches Industry-First Technology Platform to Discover and License Content from Anywhere on the Internet

March 30, 2020

The only platform that enables creatives, producers and business affairs teams from the world's leading agencies and brands to license creative content at scale.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Catch&Release has publicly launched an industry-first technology platform that enables advertisers and marketers to curate and license visual content from the Internet. The platform was developed over a two-year period of witnessing the arduous process of discovering high quality, on-brief content from anywhere on the Internet, then clearing and licensing it for commercial use.

Core elements of the platform include Catch Extension, a proprietary curation tool that allows users to save visual images or videos from any source on the Internet. Each shot curated with the Catch Extension comes with a Licensability Assessment, which uses predictive intelligence to know immediately if the asset can be licensed. Additionally, a collaborative workspace offers team members the ability to request rights, track progress, and manage their entire project from concept to execution.

"Our platform bridges two major gaps currently holding the advertising industry back," says Analisa Goodin, CEO and founder of Catch&Release. "The first has to do with utilizing the Internet as a viable creative medium. Advertisers are under immense pressure to create more content, but with increasingly less time and budget. Our platform allows them to access visual content from anywhere on the Internet, determine licensability, and safely license what they find. Secondly, it breaks down the silos that have traditionally existed between creative, production, and business affairs teams. Now, they can operate with agility and scale their production processes to meet evolving client demands."

How the platform works:

Step 1: Curate content from any source on the Internet with the Catch Extension. The Licensability Assessment will automatically propagate. Collaborate with your team and provide creative feedback using likes, dislikes, and comments.

Step 2: Request clearance in one click. Define the desired terms of the license, and receive real-time updates on clearance status. Catch&Release manages clearance for all layers of IP: copyright, talent, property, and other necessary rights.

Step 3: License content under uniform terms and conditions, including indemnification against rightsholder claims, and manage license renewals through a consolidated dashboard.

Catch&Release enables advertisers to license content with confidence and streamline the manual burden of negotiating with and matching terms and conditions from dozens of suppliers. Adds Jeremy Richardson, head of product at Catch&Release: "What makes this platform unique is that it leverages technology like machine learning and computer vision to transform a historically-manual process into an automated one that can scale to the entire industry. This will help advertisers maximize their creative output, while optimizing for time and budget constraints."

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About Catch&Release
Catch&Release is a technology company that provides a first-of-its-kind platform for the creative production industry to source and license content from the internet, at scale. The Catch&Release Licensing Platform enables advertisers to secure copyright and model releases, manage and report on licensed content, and be indemnified against rightsholder claims. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.catchandrelease.com or on social @catchandrelease.

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