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While you wait, meet our team of Clearance Specialists.

“Catch&Release creates a world of new opportunities for content made by normal people to make its way into advertising campaigns made by the world\'s biggest brands. I am happy to lead a team of awesome humans who see to it that all content creators are treated well and compensated fairly for the use of their content.”

— Lloyd W.

“I appreciate the interactions with people from all walks of life, and the challenge of earning someone’s trust to offer them compensation for something they may have had no idea had value.”

— Brent L.

"I’m happiest when our Contributors get paid! I focus on keeping personal information secure, and payment details accurate and ready for Accounts Payable."

— Cris W.

“I love helping people discover that their content has value. I love when people are like ‘I had no idea a silly video I shot of my dog on my iPhone would have this kind of impact!’”

— Jordan V.

“It's fun and meaningful to reach out to people to show them how creative they are -- and how their content has monetary value. It's also a plus teaching people about the licensing process and how copyright works.”

— Michelle H.

“I enjoy getting to talk to a variety of different people all over the world, and help put them in a position to receive some extra money and exposure for their content.”

— Nick M.

"I love the challenge of turning a piece of content out in the wild into something that can bring a client’s project to life, and seeing people’s excitement when something they made ends up in a professional production."

— Spencer L.

“I love connecting with our content providers. There are so many people capturing amazing moments in their everyday lives - it keeps things interesting and I learn something new everyday.”

— Zoe A.

"It’s exciting to be even a small part of the creative process and collaborate as a team to create a final piece of work that everyone is proud of."

— Madeline A.

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