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Our Curation Team

Liz is an aspiring polyglot who enjoys using her love of languages to access content that might otherwise be hidden. She has worked in content for over 15 years and enjoys the contemporary medium of found content the most due to its richness. Liz also maintains a fine art studio practice and enjoys finding parallels with work on the canvas.

— Liz M.

Jared brings over 20 years of experience in content research, licensing, and post production. From film to tape to 4k, he understands the technical aspects just as well as the creative ones. Not only does Jared know his way around current trends, but he’s also one of our strongest sports experts and has discovered the best ways to uncover the most authentic moments.

— Jared D.

Helen brings 15 plus years of experience in curating and licensing found content. Her expertise lies in advertising, editorial, diversity, music culture, pop culture (any culture really), and celebrity content. She loves nothing more than working with clients to bring their creative to life by finding the most compelling visuals that allow them to tell their stories.

— Helen G.

Stephanie brings 12 years of experience in digital media, with a background in television, film, illustration, and extensive knowledge in the video game industry. With her broad creative and operational background, she has been instrumental in bringing both an aesthetic and strategic eye to every project.

— Stephanie L.

Rodolfo offers an extensive background in film, TV, and screenwriting. As a writer and director, his work is focused on both experimental shorts for installations, as well as narrative shorts shot in different formats (Digital, 35mm film). He loves applying his creative eye to customer projects, while always learning new skills and trends.

— Rodolfo O.

Shelby has a background in Tour and Production Management for international musical and theatrical productions that has enabled her to work with people across the globe. She embraces the unique qualities in people and projects and loves to think outside the box to be able to uncover the authentic moments that are the essence behind the story.

— Shelby S.

Buck brings over 12 years of experience in film and digital media. His expertise in travel and understanding cultures comes from visiting, working, and living in 40+ countries. His knowledge extends through sports, health and wellness, and pop culture. He relishes working with creatives to uncover all the best the internet has to offer, and produce creative masterpieces!

— Buck S.

Lisa brings 16 plus years of experience in creative fields, project management, strategy, and art. Her expertise lies in bringing the right team together for a project with empathy and precision, and she is fascinated by the points where ideas, experiences, and lives connect to form meaningful waves of thought, action, and growth.

— Lisa K.

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