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Catch&Release is a content curation and licensing company. We help advertising agencies and brands make great ads with As each request is unique one of our sales reps will guide you through the process. Contact us here!

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Yes! We clear all social media platforms – as well as stock, music, celebrities, sports clips, and more.

Catch&Release is a fully remote location with employees across the United States.

Yes! We offer indemnification based on your needs. Contact us today to begin clearing and licensing content.

There are two ways to begin working with us, you come to us with already found content to clear and license, or we help you find the content based on a specific brief. Our project managers guide you every step of the way and the progress of shots (whether brought to us or curated by Catch&Release) are tracked in your own project on the platform.

Yes! We license everything that lives on the internet, including archival footage, visuals of icons, music, and any entertainment needs as well.

Catch&Release is a content curation and licensing company. We help advertising agencies and brands make great ads with amazing images and videos we find all over the internet. We believe the most authentic brand stories are told using real content made by real people – this means content created by you! Brands agree, which is why they use Catch&Release to safely source and license this type of content.

“Licensing” means giving someone (or an entity) the permission to use your content, such as a video clip or an image, in a manner described for a specified period of time and for an agreed payment to you. You retain ownership of your content. Your permission only allows it to be used as described and approved by you.

Being a Catch&Release “Contributor” means your photos and/or videos have been selected for the possibility of being included in a commercial advertising campaign. As a Contributor, you can also join our “Contributor Network. ” As a member of the network, your photos and videos will be among the first presented to brands as creative options for commercial advertising projects. Simply connect your social media handles to our secure portal. If your content is selected for clearance (the step before licensing), we’ll reach out to you directly to share the details and get your approval. You’ll always retain ownership of every photo/video you take and upload to the internet. To date, we’ve paid out $3MM+ to Contributors across the world.

Our customers are advertising agencies and brands who will use your original content as part of a marketing campaign. Depending on the rights requested — which you would be informed of — these campaigns could appear online, on TV, on billboards, in cinema or a variety of other distribution channels.

Yes! You are simply agreeing to license your content to Catch&Release for its customer’s specific use. The content ownership remains with you, the Contributor.

Most times, advertising campaigns feature information not yet released to the public. This is why most of our customers (advertising agencies and the brands they represent) request 100% confidentiality before the “First Use Date” (the date in which your content first appears in the campaign; i.e.: when the commercial first goes live online or on TV). However, if Catch&Release is authorized by the customer to do so, we will provide you the name(s) of the advertising agency and/or the end-client (often the brand).

Not usually. Your content will most likely be used in a campaign along with many other pieces of content. These types of campaigns usually do not include accreditation.

A License & Release is a document which, when signed, states that the person who owns the content (“Copyright Owner”), the person(s) in the content ( “Model”) or the owner(s) of property such as locations, pets or artwork (“Property Owner”) give their permission to use the content for a particular purpose/campaign. Catch&Release may ask you for your help in identifying and contacting any rights holders associated with the content so that we may acquire their consent and secure their signature(s).

Payment to you becomes due only after it is confirmed that your content is included in the final advertising project. Payments are issued within sixty (60) days from the “First Use Date” (the date in which the commercial first goes live online or on TV).

Catch&Release can issue payment to you in multiple ways; PayPal, Direct Deposit or we can send a paper check via the U.S. Postal Service.

International payments can be issued via PayPal or Wire Transfer. Please be advised that International Wire Transfers (payments sent outside of the United States) incur a $45 USD bank processing fee, which will be deducted for your total amount due.

If you have any questions about your payment, you can reach the Clearance Specialist who worked with you to clear your content or you can reach our Payments department directly at

A W9 is for all U.S.-based Contributors. A W8BEN is for all foreign Contributors. If you have questions about how to complete a form or what the form means, you should consult with a tax professional and/or review the links supplied below from the IRS’s web site. Catch&Release cannot advise you on tax matters.

For more information on the W9,, visit 

For more information on the W8BEN, visit 

If you have any additional questions not answered above, please reach out to your Catch&Release representative or send an email to

This FAQ was last updated: May 21, 2020.

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