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Find creative content from anywhere.
Clear and license it on Catch&Release.

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Maximize creative output.
Optimize time & budget.

When it comes to finding that perfect shot to make your vision a reality, you need tools you can count on.
Catch&Release makes discovering and licensing content from the internet a breeze.

Catch&Release enables creative teams to leverage existing content as a way to scale production processes
and meet evolving client demands. A collaborative workspace makes it easy to organize content, request rights
and manage projects from concept to execution, from the moment inspiration strikes.

Curate content
from anywhere

Collect content from any source using the Catch Extension. A Licensability Assessment estimates if you can use what you find.

Catch Extension curation tool

Request clearance
in one click

Request clearance and receive real-time status updates. Catch&Release manages clearance of copyright, talent, property and more.

Request Clearance

License & indemnify
in one place

License content under uniform terms and conditions and manage renewals in a dedicated dashboard. Indemnification always included.

license shot, track terms and conditions

Ready to license the internet?

Catch&Release makes finding, clearing and licensing content from the internet, fast, easy and safe. If you manage or take part in the creative process in any way, Catch&Release can help streamline your content production workflow.

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While creative opportunities abound,
the landscape is changing for brands and advertisers. 

We've gathered resources from across the industry and put them together in one remote production hub,
to help you continue making amazing work remotely. 

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