Remote Production

Remote production

Remote production made easy with Found footage.

In unusual times, our usual ways of working may not make sense.

It may feel like the production world is getting smaller, but in reality, Found footage can be licensed on-demand, infinitely expanding your options for total creative freedom.

The internet can be your most strategic tool when it comes to scaling great creative.

Catch&Release is the only platform that lets you understand if the assets you find on the internet can be licensed for commercial use.

Our proprietary Licensability Assessment, tells you immediately if the shot you've found is likely to be licensed. This means you can now create rips using licensable content, and sell through your ideas exactly as they were intended. 

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Check out these best practices and solutions for the future of production.

Major brands are using Found footage to tell authentic visual stories that move the needle.

On brand, on brief, on budget.

See how Catch&Release and Found footage can bring your next brief to life.

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