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at Catch&Release

The Internet is the richest source of content that has ever existed and is growing at a rate of 3.2 billion pieces of new content daily. At Catch&Release, we believe this content will be the predominant media marketers, advertisers, and brands use to tell their stories. We also firmly believe that existing content will power a wave of change through all creative market segments, from entertainment to corporate communications and beyond.

We thought it was crazy that the Internet lacks a service that makes content licensing simple, fast, and equitable to all parties involved, so we’re building it. C&R Engineering is on a mission to develop a scalable platform to facilitate the promotion, discovery, curation, and licensing of all forms of content on the Internet.

To get there, we need to assemble a team of ambitious, user-focused individuals to build products based on the best-of-breed technology stack that spans everything from best-in-class user experiences to highly scalable services to ML & AI to petabyte-scale data processing and search. Because we’re the first to do this, we’ll be inventing a lot of this technology along the way.

It’s a bold goal to build the licensing engine for all content on the Internet, but we’re confident we’ll achieve it with a team of bold innovators on our side.

Why Join Us

We champion flexibility

We are Remote First, Remote Forever, and we believe that hard work requires real rest, so we have an unlimited vacation policy. Take those days; you’ve earned it.

Our people are our strength

Micromanagement isn’t in our dictionary. We are a team of bold individuals, and we trust one another to execute the mission to the best of our ability.

Innovation is our differentiator

The problems we’re solving are big. They will require the most curious minds with a passion for delivering products and services that delight our users.

Fantastic benefits

We’ve got you covered with everything from health insurance to pet care plans. We want you to be comfortable in your office, which is why we give you a stipend every month to improve your personal workplace.

Press & Media

Jim McCollom

Head of Engineering

Jim McCollom is the Head of Engineering at Catch&Release, where he’s focused on building the first content licensing platform powered by technology and data.

Jim has over twenty years of experience in engineering, as a leader, a consultant, and an individual contributor. Prior to joining Catch&Release, he held key leadership roles at Amazon where he led engineering on the Seller Success program, Lending Club where he led the Data Platform engineering teams, and at DataStax where he oversaw the development of the world's first serverless multi-region, multi-cloud database as a service.

He was also previously a part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Technical Oversight Committee, where he provided technical leadership to the cloud native community.

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